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Westmoreland Walks

Westmoreland Walks - Taking Steps Against Breast Cancer
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Westmoreland Walks

About Us

Westmoreland Walks, Inc. was created in the year 2002 by a group of women who were touched by breast cancer in some way.  Some battled the disease and some stood by a friend during the fight.  Wanting to contribute toward breast cancer research and do something to help women during and after a breast cancer diagnosis, the idea of the walk was born.  We hope you can join us this year!

Board of Directors:

  • Kathy Brown, President
  • Lynne Rizzo, Vice President
  • Cheryl McMullen, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Alcorn
  • Wendy Fennell
  • Karen Morgan
  • Connie Tamewitz
  • Kelly Urbani
  • Debbie Weinstein